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Domain Parking

by ianadmin on December 19, 2011

Simply put, domain parking occurs when an internet website address, or domain, has been purchased, but doesn’t have its own website. It may be monetized, set up to make money, or not. Monetized parked domains generally show visitors advertisements or surveys. Non-monetized domain parking occurs when a registrant simply hasn’t built a site yet or plans to flip the domain. In some situations, users may not even know that they’re visiting a parked domain, especially when relevant advertisements or a placeholder page links them to helpful information. There can be several reasons that a registrant may choose to park a domain.

They plan to build a website and want to be sure the domain is ready when the site is finished.

They’re one of a growing number of domain flippers; marketers who buy a domain and then turn around and resell it at a higher price.

They’re capitalizing on the mis-spelling of a popular website. did this in 2001, and was so successful that the real ended up buying them out.

They own several domains all centered around one niche and plan to use them in the future

They own a similar domain and want to protect their website from lookalike domain names

They own a similar domain name and want to redirect visitors to their real website

They’re monetizing a parked landing page.

Some hosting companies, affiliate sales programs and other ad servers have a domain parking program that provides readers with targeted ads, sometimes based upon the words in the domain name and sometimes based on a user’s browsing history. when a user arrives on the page, they’re shown several ads that appear to be a real website. The registrant generally gets paid when users click on the ads.

If you’re planning to start your own website, consider the pros and cons of domain parking as you register. Many registrants offer discounts for multiple domain name purchases. Owning several variations of your domain name is one way you can prevent cybersquatters from making money by profiting on your idea. In addition, it can help your visitors by allowing them to access your website even when they’ve spelled the domain name wrong. Domain parking is a procedure that’s not well known, but advocates of the practice say that it’s profitable and effective.

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Domain Name Guide

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