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Registering A Domain

Register a domain

The characters between “WWW” and the well-known extensions, such as dot com, dot net, dot org and dot gov, are known as the domain name. A domain name can be anything, with some of the most famous being, and Even the small domain names of mom and pop websites all over the world have a unique domain name.

No two domain names are exactly the same, but they can be similar.

In fact, there are those who register domain names that are the common misspellings of other domain names. The only way to register with an exact name already registered is to put it under a different one of the several extensions after the “dot” as in dot com, dot net, dot tv, dot biz and many others. Most savvy individuals and companies register their companies and brands under all of the extensions available, and have all of the domain names point to one website.

Why does the internet need domain names?

All of the domain names that we can read as words, whether they be a company name, a person’s name, a funny saying or other are, converted into numbers that the internet can use to find information on computer servers all over the world. Speaking of all over the world, there are designated country domain extensions for most countries in the world, such as au for Australia, cn for China and ca for Canada.

The numbers that the domain names are converted into are called IP addresses (Internet Protocol address). The reason that we have domain names that are words is that words are easier to remember than a string of numbers separated by dots (the period). The closest server to Google from the computer that this article was typed on is Typing those numbers in the browser address bar of this computer brings up the main Google search page. It’s easier to just remember

The information contained in each IP address is connected to a unique domain name. How to actually get through to the correct computer connected to the internet is all kept together by a domain name system of servers. A server is just a computer that “serves” a purpose. Some big companies have so many that they wont even tell the number of them connected to the Internet.

The big guys that are in control of the global domain naming are named the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), and they are ran by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

This is actually some serious stuff – it all goes back to the Internet’s beginnings under ARPANET, which is the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. They ended up with a “D” added to the beginning of their name making them DARPANET. The “D” stands for Defense! See how serious this stuff can get? There is billions of dollars in Internet commerce and every year it is growing steadily.

What is a domain name registrar?

A domain name registrar can be any of the thousands of companies that process the registering of a domain name. Since each domain name needs a place to exist, they provide a place to “park” the domain name until it is turned into something useful for internet users, such as a website. The registrar usually offers hosting services too. Hosting services are all of the services involved in running a website, including the computer to store the files on that run twenty-four hours a day, so visitors can get to the site. The registrar is allowed by ICANN to process applications for new domain names and to process selling of existing domains whose owners put them up for sale.

See what is still available to register by paying a visit to one of the thousands of Internet website hosts that register names. Maybe that cool sounding website name you thought of is still available to own.

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