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Renew Domain

Renew your domain name

Managing your domain or domain names is important because if you miss the expiry date you could lose them.

Keeping a list of your domains in an excel sheet is a good way of managing them – you can include the date they were bought, traffic, price paid and the all important expiry dates.

It’s a good idea to include in your excel sheet the details of your hosting company with your account, username and password as well.

Most hosting companies will send out an email reminder when the domain is about to expire but you should be able to renew it up to six months before the expiry date.

To renew your domain simply login to your hosting company and navigate to the domain name you wish to renew and follow the instructions.

Once you have renewed the domain, remember to update your excel sheet.

If you own a domain name and you miss the expiry date you will receive an email from Nominet giving you an opportunity to renew through them. The price of renewing through Nominet is currently £80 plus VAT ( May 2010), however you will still be able to renew through your exising hosting company probably at a much lower price. Currently a domain will be cancelled if it is not renewed within 97 days after the expiry date.

For TLDs (Top level domains ie .com .net .org etc) as a general rule of thumb if a domain is not renewed within 30 days then it will become available on the market again but you need to check with the company that you registered the domain with (known as the registrar) because different registrars have different policies on expired domains.

If you are transferring a domain from one registrar to another you need to contact your new registrar and ask them how to transfer the names over using their website options.

Bear in mind that some domains require passwords or authorisation codes to be entered with your new registrar before they can be transferred. These authorisation codes should be obtained from your current registrar.

Here is some typical information required by a new registrar,authcode,authcode,authcode,uin

UIN stands for unique identification number.

All this information should be obtained from your current registrar and can usually be obtained from your account details, although you may have to contact your registrar if the details are not shown in your account.

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