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What Is A Website Worth

Every website has a different value and if you want to figure out your own domain value, you need to look at several key metrics. Website appraisal is a lot like real estate appraisal in that every single domain has a unique set of characteristics that determines its value. Here is how you can calculate your own domain value.

- Traffic

First and foremost, no matter how valuable the content or service offered on your site may be, it is not worth anything if you don’t have the eyeballs looking at it. The first step in determining your domain value is to figure out how much traffic the site receives. The more visitors your site draws, the higher the potential for money made through sales or advertising. You can find your site’s traffic through web statistics provided by your website host or through an online service that calculates it for you.

- Revenue

Next, you need to figure out what kind of money your site is currently earning. Whether your site advertises products or services, or earns money through advertising campaigns, a key element in domain value is the current revenue of the site. You will also want to hold this value up against the traffic statistics so you can see how well your website converts the traffic it gets into earnings and therefore how valuable a potential visitor is.

- Niche Market

You will also want to assess how lucrative your website’s particular niche is and how well your domain targets that niche. For example, if your website is based around the subject of dogs, a domain built around the phrase “buy dog food online” would be worth much more than one built around the phrase “history of dogs”. The more monetized the domain, the greater the value.

- Advertising Opportunities

Virtually every website has the potential to bring in money through advertising, so the final step is to do an assessment of how many advertisers would be interested in paying to advertise on your site as well as how much they might be willing to pay to do so. Depending on the type of visitors your site draws, advertisers may be willing to spend money quite heavily to secure advertising space or to launch an advertising campaign on your website, greatly increasing your domain value.

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