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Why Domain Privacy Is Important

Domain privacy is a feature that comes with many domain hosting services. Its primary function is to reduce the amount of spam associated with the hosted site as well as to protect against the risks of exposing personal information.

This includes protecting against identity theft, which has become a growing problem in the past few years. Domain privacy is usually established when the website’s domain name is registered. Contact information that adheres to the ICAAN rules is submitted and domain privacy ensures that this information is masked securely so that the website owner’s personal information, including name, address, and email, is kept hidden from the public. Instead, a proxy server displays generic information when anyone attempts to access this information on the WHOIS database.

Not only does this keep your information secure from the general public, but it also protects you against spammers who wish to acquire lists of random email addresses to send mailing list promotions and even malicious viruses or spyware.

The price of domain privacy varies widely and depends on your particular web hosting company. Some services charge up to $50 for the feature, while other web hosts provide package rates that include the domain privacy feature for free. It is important to verify the reliability and ranking of the service offering the domain privacy feature as small, unknown sites have been caught stealing domain names from their clients. Valid web hosting providers will instead guarantee your ownership of the domain in conjunction with the domain privacy.

There are several good reasons website owners choose to protect their privacy online. Since you are technically required to submit your real name, address, and email address when registering a domain name, you may want to keep this information private if you own several domains and function under different pen names, a practice that is very common and perfectly legal. Some people want to keep their information private for personal reasons as well as they wish not to be publicly listed and associated with the websites they own. In addition, if you experience the unfortunate incidence of your website being hacked, you may want to protect your name from being associated with a website that is in temporary disarray.

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